Healthy Innovations LLC


We are Tucson based company servicing Metro Phoenix, Casa Grande, Metro Tucson and Southern Arizona. We have kitchens in both Tucson and Phoenix to ensure your meals are served FRESH and Hot  to exceed your expectations. We have over 5 years experience working with over 20 schools providing a varying level of service to meet each schools individual needs. Our managers and Directors have many years of experience working with all kinds of BIG and little schools.

Healthy Innovations Food Service will work with your school closely to insure that the needs of nutritional requirements are met.  Our Management and staff have several years of experience in the school NSLP food service programs.  The quality of service and quality of food will be unmatched. Contact us NOW to become part of the Healthy Innovations family.

Looking for food service for your school in or around Metro Phoenix or Metro Tucson?  Want to try a free sample for your school or office? Call or email us us and we can send you the details. Healthy innovations LLC food management company is more than just a catering business in Tucson.  Call us or email us for more information.

Our Food Directors:


Armando Rodriguez

Armando has managed several school districts, oversaw the activities of all employees, menu’s and the meals  preparation of up to 30,000 meals daily, following all NSLP, ANS and VANS state guidelines, Passed several CRE/SMI audits, created new healthy foods programs, created student cooking classes, created new Grab and Go free breakfast in several school districts where breakfast participation improved by a 90%, created Roaming Chef programs where he taught Elementary students how to be healthy conscious and cook healthy meals also invited their parents to participate in healthy cooking, introduced salad bars in each elementary, middle and high schools, offered parents a free healthy website to find healthy meal options, following sanitation, recipes and showing them tours of kitchens to see what happens behind the scenes. He also assisted in the opening and continued growth of numerous K-12 school district programs throughout the Southwest and Texas.

Lillian De La Riva 

Lillian has been directing and managing food service for a while. Along the way she has worked with schools to figure out exactly what their needs are and to improve relations with not only the schools but with the students themselves.  Improving things day after day in this ever-changing world.  She is bilingual and quite familiar with the needs of our school children.  She works with all the school menus to ensure their their compliance as well as the students enjoying each meal.

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